Finding Deals On Antique Collectibles Is Half The Fun

Collectors simply love to collect. Whether it's coins, teddy bears or antiques, the pursuit of great additions for their collections can quickly become a passion. Unfortunately for some, the passion can lead to a serious drain on the wallet, too. So, if collecting antiques is the aim, finding bargains should also be the game!

Since antiques are found in literally every corner of the world, bargains too can be had. The key is knowing what you're looking for, what it's really worth and where to look for bargains on the desired item or other similar pieces that would really add well to a collection.

Remember when dealing with antiques, prices can be subjective. A glass that was bought shortly after production for a dime can be worth thousands on the antiques market if its history and collectible status is high. A similar glass might still be worth nothing more than a dime. The pricing is really dependent on history and collector value. Knowing what's worth what can really help a collector steer clear of bad buys.

The best places to look for bargains on particular antique items include: * Estate sales. While sometimes these involve very well-researched items with proper pricing, some estate sales can net some great bargains. If families just want the items gone, those running sales might let them go for a steal or they may even be willing to include them in full lot purchases. * Auctions. These are great for being able to name your price. The problem here is you might have some competition that drives the prices higher and higher. * Yard sales. These can be a treasure trove of antique finds. Unless you're dealing with a savvy homeowner, the pricing is generally well below market, which is great for collectors on a budget. * Antique shops. Sometimes great buys can be had here. Unless you collect something that's obviously of great value like original Tiffany lamps, you can still find some wonderful buys in these locations. * Online auctions. These open up a world of buys and are ideal for finding bargains on sought-after pieces. Plus, there's generally a wide choice of items to look at.

Antique collecting is a great hobby that can be more than addictive. There's something about finding "that piece" and being able to add it to a collection that keeps enthusiasts always on the prowl for the next great find.

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