Deciding What Kinds Of Antiques To Collect

If you've decided you want to collect antiques, you're not alone. This hobby is loved by millions the world over. Ranging from modest collectors who simply inherited pieces and add to them from time to time to almost rabid collectors who will pay almost anything for a specific piece, antique hobbyists run the gamut.

Getting started in collecting is a big decision, however. Whether it's arrived at by chance or by personal determination, the hobby is one that can quickly become a favorite pursuit. Choosing what to collect and how to collect it can be tough, but for those who have 500 knick knacks packed up in the garage that don't fit the main collection just right, the notion of tailoring a collection is a good one.

If you've made the conscious decision you want to collect something here are some things to consider:

* Is there are particular time period you're interested in? If so, this can really help tailor a collection. The chances of boxes and boxes of discarded items sitting in the garage really go down if you choose to collect "dolls for the 1800s" rather than just "dolls." * Is there a particular item? Some people collect "elephants" others collect propaganda posters from World War II and other such related items. Naming the type of items to seek out is a great way to keep a collection focused. * Is an investment desired? If so, you'll want to pick antique items that have "value" to other collectors or those that might soon. Who would have ever thought a Pez dispenser could be worth a fortune? * What type of display area do you have? There's no fun in having a collection and not being able to display it. If you're limited on space, take this into consideration. * Do you have a specific purpose in mind for the collection? Are you looking to collect antiques of a particular period to decorate a home or room? If so, the careful transformation of a room over time can be a fun and rewarding pursuit with trips and holidays all netting new pieces for the "collection."

Choosing what to collect, how to collect it and how to display that collection is entirely up to the collector. However, narrowing down the collection's focus is a great way to avoid unwanted additions in the form of presents and items that simply just don't fit and end up collecting dust.

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