Collectors Are Cuckoo About Clocks

They're unusual, whimsical and just plain fun. Cuckoo clocks are a collector's favorite for these reasons and more.

The crazy clocks with the little bird that sings in every half hour have been on the scene since the 1700s. Since their arrival, they've made quite an impression on the collectors' market and they're still doing so. Handmade generally down to the last detail, these little marvels can be hard to come by, which makes them the perfect collectible for serious treasure hunters.

Antique cuckoo clocks can be particularly difficult to come by, especially in good repair, but they're the find of a lifetime when a pristine example is come across. Some of the main features of these clocks that drive collectors to keep collecting them, include: * Intricate, handmade clockworks. Although they're meant to be looked at, cuckoo clocks don't skip a beat when it comes to keeping time. Good lucks include excellent works. * Unusual, hand crafted displays. These are what really make cuckoos stand out. The displays were generally carved by hand and were quite colorful and different. Since they were hand carved, no two clocks that qualify as antique are exactly alike. * Cuckoo sounds and bird. It's an unusual choice, but the crazy cuckoo is just perfect for chirping in a new hour.

Finding great examples of antique cuckoo clocks can be tough, but with a little looking and a willingness to pay for repairs in some cases, these clocks are great additions for overall antique clock collections or even for collections that only include cuckoo clocks. When looking for an antique cuckoo, check the following types of outlets: * Estate and garage sales might just net a clock that's been in a family for a while. Although they certainly won't be found in every sale or even every 50 sales, there's a chance they can be found. * Antique shops. Probably one of the best outlets, if a store doesn't have one, the dealer on staff can be alerted to your desire to find an antique specimen. This puts an extra set of eyes on the case and eyes that happen to have contacts in the collecting world. * Online. Also a good source for finding rare items, the Internet's stores are chock full of unusual items from the world over. * Clock shops, repair shops. If anyone might know where a cuckoo can be found, these people will.

Not necessarily the easiest collection to start, cuckoo clocks nonetheless remain favorites among serious clock enthusiasts. Pristine antique clocks are worth a small fortune and can be considered one heck of a find when they are come across.

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