Collecting Antiques Is Only Half The Fun

Collecting antiques is a hobby enjoyed by thousands and thousands the world over. Finding just the right piece to make a collection shine can be a thrill that lists in the top 10 of a lifetime, but having a collection and not knowing what to do with it can be a real drag.

Collecting, after all, is only half the fun. To truly enjoy a collection, it must be visible for enjoyment. It needs to be shown off a little. It needs to make a room or an entire house pop. It needs to show others that this is who you are and what you do!

Saying these things and achieving them can be two entirely different things, however. Getting a good display for antiques going can be an elaborate undertaking or a fairly simple one. Here are some ideas:

* Whole room displays. If you collect antique glass, for example, you can make a room or an entire house offer different individualized displays. If going with a full room display, consider buying also antique furniture to hold it on just to complete the look. China, for example, looks fantastic when displayed on an antique hutch. Or, if books are what you collect, add antique shelves as accents in major rooms in the house. Go with a theme and have fun following it through. * Window boxes, special shelving. These are great for smaller or more unusually shaped items. Make sure to put them where they can be seen and do utilize proper lighting if it's needed to really make the collection stand out. * Gallery walls. If you collect antique art or other wall hangings, set aside a wall or several to create gallery displays. Use lighting, high quality framing and other options to really make the pieces stand out. * Corner cases. If you don't have room to go with an all out display, consider corner cases for making collections have their own space. * Store/museum display cases. Antique jewelry, buttons and so on look fantastic in actual display cases. If you have the room, try these for keeping a collection safe from the elements and spills while still ensuring it can be seen and enjoyed.

Remember when displaying antiques some are more suitable than others for being exposed to the air. Paper pieces and other fragile items might be best behind glass and protected from the elements.

Whatever you collect, do make sure to show it off, since that's half the fun!

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