Carnival Glass Collectors Band Together

Carnival Glass is one kind of antique collectible that people either love or hate. There's no in between when it comes to this style of glassware. Its unusual and rather bold appearance is what draws some and completely turns other off.

Those who love it, love it so much, they've even created their own clubs to share finds, information and more. Carnival Glass clubs can be found virtually all over the world, with branches in America, Europe and beyond. It's a distinguished group that appreciate and swoon over this glass style.

What makes this glass stand out from others is its unusual appearance. This glass was made by companies between 1905 and 1930, when you're talking vintage Carnival. Makers came from all over the world. Although the United States was the prime production point, glassmakers in England, India, Germany, Mexico and Finland also made it.. There are others, too.

The glass appearance is different than anything else. It was pressed and iridized to give it a distinct shine. The look can range from something resembling a rainbow to that of an oil spot and beyond. Beautiful to some, gaudy to others, Carnival Glass comes in an array of base colors with the rainbow effect. Its very easy to distinguish from other types of glass due to its somewhat funky iridescent shine.

Carnival Glass pieces range from plates and glasses to pitchers and vases. They can include such things as compotes, hatpins and more, as well. Almost anything made from glass can have the stereotypical Carnival Glass appearance.

Carnival Glass has a big following on the collectors market. As we've said, those who love it really do so. The pieces of glass can complement almost any decorating style and range from gaudy to delicate in appearance. It all depends on a collector's style whether a piece of Carnival would be welcomed and appreciated or gawked at.

Finding Carnival Glass is a relatively easy undertaking. There is an abundance of replica items, however, so it's a good idea to brush up on makers' marks and other signs before heading out to buy. When looking for this unusual glass, antique stores, flea markets, garage sales and the Internet are some of the best places to turn up rare finds.

As it is with any type of antique, novices should stick with items they enjoy when looking to buy. Carnival Glass is a fun and whimsical style to add to any collection, but not everyone will appreciate its typically bold appearance.

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