Antique Tools Are Great For Collectors, Decorators

Antique farm tools, hand tools and more are fantastic for creating collections and even for using in decorator schemes. Unusual, rustic and simply interesting, these tools can be great for getting people involved in collecting.

When it comes to decorating, tools are perfect for creating a set look. Whether it's a rustic hunting lodge look that someone's going for or an old country farm type setting, tools make great wall hangings, conversation pieces and more.

Depending on the antique tools purchased, these can really help complete a room's look, as well. Even tools like spinning wheels and old sewing machines can really lend themselves to giving a room an old-time feel.

Old farm and hand tools work great as interesting pieces to add to a man's study, a den or even a family room. What's more these pieces are fun to collect and they're even more fun to study. The conversations that can arise as people try to figure out what some of these old tools were used for can be fantastic.

On the antique end, old tools can be worth a lot of money. Depending on the rarity and the quality, these pieces can actually be worth a small fortune. Getting started in collecting them, however, can be addictive. It's fun to find them and even more fun to figure out their former uses. You've been warned!

Finding antique tools is not always an easy undertaking. Finding just the right tools to complete a look for a room can be even trickier. Here are some ideas on where to look and what to look for:

* Estate, garage sales. These are fantastic for finding heirloom pieces that have been passed down through the generations. Often mistaken as junk, old tools can sometimes be had for a steal at these. * Barn sales. These take place a lot in country locales and are ideal for getting your hands on unusual pieces. Pay attention to these as in some locations they can net the best buys in hand tools, farm tools and even glass and other unusual antiques. * Antique shops. These of course carry some usual tool items along with their furniture and glass items. * Online. The Internet is wonderful for finding neat old tools and other hand items for use in collections or decorating schemes.

No matter the kind of tools you decide to collect, remember these can get pretty big. The best way to handle it is to decide what pieces you really want and turn the search into a scavenger hunt of sorts. Going from two tools to 100 with no place to store them can happen quickly, so some discrimination here is key.

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