Antique Accents Are Perfect For A Home

If you're looking to decorate a home with a one-of-a-kind style, antiques can help make that happen. Lending themselves to almost any decorating motif, old items such as pictures, knick knacks, collectibles, toys and especially art work and china are perfect for giving any room that stand out appeal. Add furniture into the mix and the look will be one that no one can match.

If you want to add antiques to your decorating scheme, here are some ideas of what to do before heading out to find the perfect pieces:

* Determine the decorating style. Going with an Oriental theme with the decorating and then adding early American antiques to the mix might look a little odd. * Choose colors. This is important for bringing the entire room together. Whether you want to go with a dark, old-world style or you want something brighter and bolder, the main colors will assist in choosing the right antique accents to round out the room. * Pick furniture. Even if you decide to go with all antique furniture for the main pieces, the styles chosen will help in guiding purchases for walls, accents and so on. The size and styles of furniture will also help you determine what types of pieces are needed to really make that furniture stand out and impress.

When you do go shopping for antiques, look for items that round out or bring together a room's decorating theme. Whether it's antique tie backs for the curtains, antique oriental rugs for the floor or a pristine mahogany dining set for the dining room, you'll want items that reflect your style and bring the room together.

Antique art works can also be ideal for adding to a room's theme. Whether it's old oil paintings or antique framed family portraits, the walls should not be overlooked when decorating with an antique flair.

They're more than "old things," antiques can be precious additions to almost any decorating scheme. Lending style and personality to a room, these purchases can also be great investments in the future as some pieces grow in value throughout the years. One of the best things about antiques is that it's hard for the next-door neighbor to copy the style. This is especially so if you go with rare or hand-made items. There won't be any running to the department store down the street to match the style!

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